Texas Innovation Center

The TI University Program is the intersection between TI technology, educators and the engineers of tomorrow. Our advanced analogue and embedded processing technologies fuel the passions of students and educators in university labs worldwide. Established in 1982, the TI University Program is a global program dedicated to supporting educators, researchers and students in facilitating the inclusion of TI analogue and embedded processing in engineering classrooms, teaching and research labs, textbooks, design projects and course curriculum. By building relationships with educators, TI works to bridge the gap between the business, global academic world and top engineering colleges in Telangana. Incorporating TI technology into the curriculum, best engineering colleges in Telangana can provide educators with the ability to teach real-world concepts and complement this with a unique hands-on learning experience utilizing TI tools, making it more exciting, relevant and valuable to the student.

Working with TI increases the knowledge base of future engineers so they interact with industry-standard technology before they graduate. TI helps develop the skills needed to tackle tomorrow’s most challenging problems. By providing students of top engineering colleges in Telangana the access to the largest and most advanced analogue and embedded processing portfolio, the TI University Program provides the tools necessary to inspire innovation and take engineering concepts from the book to the breadboard.

Benefits for Students :

  • Extensive hands on training for Students on Labs tools
  • Certificates for Students under TI India University Program
  • Various resources including lab manuals, educational materials, books, tutorials, videos
  • Online support & mentorship on incorporated tools
  • Lab engagement program under which Edgate shall provided guidance to Students on various TIIC Labs
  • Students can confidently participate in various contests like TI Innovation challenge etc
  • Enjoy nominal fees on Advanced Embedded Design course and Rapid prototype Designing course
  • Students get equipped with the required knowledge to DESIGN OWN PROJECTS, deliver TECHNICAL SEMINARS, attend TECHNICAL INTERVIEWS

Benefits for college:

  • Incorporation of latest Texas Instruments tools in Labs
  • Extensive hands on training for faculties on Labs tools
  • Certificates for faculties under TI India University Program
  • Various resources including lab manuals, educational materials, books, tutorials, videos
  • Online support on incorporated tools
  • Enjoy Discounted Tools and training programs (FDP/Workshops) at University Price in future
  • College can become hub for various contests /technical activities
  • Lab engagement program under which Edgate shall provided guidance to faculties on various TIIC Labs

Major Equipment:

  • Robotics System Lab Kit
  • RSLK compatible sensors and Bluetooth Module
  • TIVA TM4C123G Launchpad Bundle
  • Ez430RF-2500 MSP430 Wireless Development Tools
  • C2650 Bluetooth Booster pack
  • SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3100 Booster Pack
  • CC3220SF- WiFi Launch Pad
  • msp432p401R Launch Pad
  • MSP430F5529 USB Launchpad Evaluation Kit
  1. Vaagdevi College , Warangal – TIIC will bring in the following core values:-


  • Analog System Design Lab using ASLK PRO
  • Ultra Low power Microcontroller Lab
  • Internet of Things technology is based on the traditional Internet technology, development and extension, due to its extremely wide range of applications, involving almost all walks of life, and therefore in order to meet the needs of industry professionals, a growing number of colleges and universities applied for Internet of Things engineering professional, in teaching programs arranged in Internet of Things technology courses.
  • Strong Branding and ability to attract better quality students
  • Better ranking amongst the competition


  • Exposure to state of the art technologies through hands on learning experience
  • Better employability opportunities
  • Showcase talent and innovation
  • Participating in Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge.( If Texas Instruments conducts any contest centre will be connected with the same)


TI Innovation centre inaugural

MOU with Texas Instruments 

TI-Robotics System Learning Kit

TI Launch Pad development kits