Joint Secretary



Joint Secretary’s Message:

Our Engineering & Telangana PG college is for students of the current generation who want to explore multiple things on their own. They need choices to be given so that they excel in what they want. Vaagdevi, renowned among top engineering colleges & best PG college in Warangal has set up multiple spaces – Learning Spaces, Practical Spaces, Activity / Project Spaces, Sports Spaces and Open/Sacred Spaces – for the students to experience different ways to gain knowledge and application. These spaces will have Facilitators, Mentors and Monitors to guide the students to achieve their knowledge objectives. Besides these Spaces, our Engineering & PG college in Warangal has a number of Professional Societies and Amateur Clubs to hone up student extra-curricular and co-curricular activities and skills. All these are executed/implemented in a high-quality standard with meticulous processes and systems in place. We ensure the student who enters the Institute will leave after the course duration, with confidence, goal direction, self-managed and responsible person into the society ready to contribute for growth and development. It is the duty of every student should learn to excel and excellence always leads to success in life and to remain invaluable to the community in which we serve and Vaagdevi Engineering College provides the right atmosphere in that direction.

As one of the best placement engineering colleges, we see the bigger picture and lend a hand to students who want to find a place within it. Your aspirations and dreams are important to us and we will facilitate all possible ways to fulfil your dreams in a diverse and international society. That is the fabric of best engineering colleges & we promise to keep up the standards to develop students’ lives and leadership skills that employers recognize as the hallmark of supreme students. We are investing overwhelmingly in ultra-modern learning amenities across campus, introducing the up-to-the-minute learning technologies, attracting foremost and rising industry idols across the country. So I welcome each one of aspiring students to be a part of the most gorgeous campus of our Engineering & PG college in Warangal and be intellectually awakened with pioneering faculty focused on ensuring our students receive a very high-quality education. I welcome you to Vaagdevi Engineering college, and appreciate your parents, for entrusting us to shape your career.