Recruitment Partners

Over the past few years, our Engineering & Telangana PG college has developed a great rapport with the corporate world. The number of recruiting companies has been increased by the effort of our Student Career Advisory and Placement Support Team our Engineering & PG college in Warangal. Every year we develop the best talents from VEC so that our students contribute hundredfold in the corporate world representing us as one of the best engineering colleges in Telangana. Students of VEC have been placed by several multinational and national organizations. They have always proved to be a great asset to the organizations wherever they have joined. We believe that every batch that graduates from VEC will follow the legacy of proving their abilities and achieving greater heights in the recruiting organizations using their best knowledge, efforts and skillsets. At our Engineering & Warangal PG college, we are very committed and value our relationship with our recruitment partners to facilitate an effective and decisive recruiting experience. The VEC administration heartily invites all the recruiting organizations to visit our top Engineering & PG college in Warangal for their requirements. We will ensure essential assistance and effortless recruiting experience. Queries from recruiting companies are most welcome and will be addressed immediately. Further, we appreciate your feedback & suggestions. Below is a comprehensive list of our recruitment partners.