CSE Lab Names

Room NoLab NameLab DescriptionPhoto
A-203L1Programming for Problem Solving Lab
A-203R1Programming for Problem Solving Lab
A-303English Language Communication Skills Lab
A-307Advanced Communication Skills Lab
A-308Business Communication Lab
Summer Internship Lab
C-103LComputer Centre-2
C-105Digital Library
C-211/AIt Workshop Lab
C-213Data Structures Lab
Database Management Systems Lab
C-214C++ Programming Lab
Operating Systems Lab
C-313Java Programming Lab
Data Mining Lab
C-314Design And Analysis Of Algorithms Lab
Cryptography And Network Security Lab
Data Structures And Algorithms Lab
Internet Technologies And Services Lab
C-411/AComputer Centre-1
C-411/BSoftware Engineering Lab
Web Technologies Lab
C-413Linux Programming
Android Application Development
Python Programming
R Programming
Internet Of Things Lab
C-414Computer Networks Lab
Applied Cryptography Lab
Computer Forensics Tools Lab
C103-RResearch Lab
Computer Centre-2