Your education at VEC, one of the top engineering colleges in Telangana & PG college in Warangal doesn’t end when you exit the gates. We believe in continued education & provide opportunities for our alumni to connect with fellow VEC students, hear from faculty, and continue learning and exploring what matters most to you. Come, meet and network! Alumni of our Telangana PG college are regularly invited to take part in conferences, receptions and informal gatherings, but also in cultural/work-life balance activities and sports events. Former students look forward to attending events that reunite them, examine career fields and opportunities through faculty and alumni presentations, sharing expertise with students, or fine-tuning their job-search skills. VEC maintains a database of alumni who graduated from our best engineering college & top PG college and update their contact details. As a VEC graduate, you are part of a dynamic network of well-settled alumni across India and around the world. We invite you to stay connected with VEC and explore the many alumni opportunities available to you. Fill the registration form below to join:



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