Department of MBA



Our Vision

Vaagdevi college, one of the best MBA colleges in Telangana will be recognised as one of the leading MBA colleges in Warangal with a profound impact on the way the world does business, and the way business impacts the world.

  • Our communal spirit creates an environment where we support and inspire, helping our people achieve their fullest potential.
  • To challenge how things are done and teach our students to constantly question and innovate by providing them with world-class and rewarding business education at par with top MBA colleges in Telangana
  • To nurture our students to adopt a truly global outlook tackling challenges faced by international businesses and their leaders.
  • To be the pillar of support for our faculty, students and alumni for them to push boundaries and experiment.


Our mission is to be at par with top MBA colleges in Warangal & develop business leaders through quality education and research and fostering partnerships with local and international communities.

  • Providing students with the necessary knowledge and skills as one of the top MBA colleges in Telangana to succeed in a highly competitive global marketplace.
  • Pushing the frontiers of business knowledge as one of the best MBA colleges in Telangana, creating new opportunities, promoting economic growth and business sustainability.
  • Provide the highest quality research and education to have a positive impact on a changing world.
  • Drive global business and social transformation through the fusion of business, technology and an entrepreneurial mindset & stand as a pioneer among MBA colleges in Warangal

MBA at Vaagdevi :

MBA at Vaagdevi means the clear objective of teaching that’ll create a skilled business person and advanced strategic thinking. Our renowned MBA course is one of a kind among Telangana top MBA colleges that’ll enable you to critically examine problems and opportunities by providing analytical frameworks such as risk assessments, cost-benefit analyses and strategic plans. Our excellent and veteran faculty will train students to develop a broad business mindset and complete understanding, knowledge and skills necessary to explain and discuss essential principles and practices of business through the study of the fundamental core subjects in business and management. The core curriculum is unique compared to MBA colleges in Telangana with focus on understanding and ability to interpret financial statements and marketing plans, analyse markets, read audit reports and develop business plans. Our MBA will allow you to develop a comprehensive understanding of your organisation’s operating environment. From this knowledge, you will be able to help your organisation move forward and become a more valuable asset in the organisation. For students considering Vaagdevi for MBA, be ready for abundant & valuable knowledge and skills to lead an organisation using advanced technology, innovative practices and enterprise management systems which work.