Computer Centre

The computer Centre of the Vaagdevi Engineering College is Hitech and fully equipped to cater as the best engineering college in Warangal. It was established with the objective of providing a computational environment for the academic and research community of the institute with the Wi-Fi and campus-wide LAN features. We use the advanced computer systems with high-end configuration and the latest software versions. We understand that eminent computer facilities are required for all the best engineering colleges for working on different software platforms. The hardware should match the requirements of various software, else running these programs is impossible. So, we provide computers with the latest configurations. Our students can even work on high-end graphics by using the advanced hardware and software at their disposal. For data connectivity, we use LAN for connecting the entire campus, and Wi-Fi only at the computer centre. Dedicated computers are provided for browsing the internet, and each student of our Warangal PG college is allocated with the respective timings to use this facility. All kinds of software applications are available at the computer centre, and care is taken to update them with the new versions regularly.

The computer centre at our PG college in Warangal is well furnished with comfortable seating and is very spacious to accommodate a large batch of students with open interactive spaces in between. The computers in the lab are well configured and upgraded as per the need of university syllabus and the software version change. The computer and related electronic equipment are tested and maintained with a scheduled frequency to keep the facility up and running. As one of the best placement engineering colleges, our computer systems are compatible for students to practice online aptitude tests. Our computer centre facilities are one of a kind among the top engineering colleges.