Hostel facilities are exemplary of that of the best engineering college in Warangal at Vaagdevi Engineering College. Students coming from various parts of the country feel at home with our hostel facilities. We have separate residential facilities in place for boys and girls. Amenities at par with top engineering colleges like laundry, hot water facilities, cosy beds, study tables, recreational facilities like indoor games, newspapers, magazines and so on are all in place. Caring wardens are in place who act as guides and give moral support to the students. At Vaagdevi, safety and security of the students in the premises are given utmost importance, therefore, professional security has been entrusted with the task of providing round the clock security to students. We are offering hostel facilities that are top-notch among Warangal B.Tech colleges making it ideal for pursuing academic goals. 

The objective of the Hostel is to provide suitable and comfortable accommodation for deserving students from Telangana and outside the State. The Hostel at our best Engg college has a number of blocks to accommodate exclusively for girl students. Ideal hostel facilities of top engineering colleges with a homely atmosphere is provided within the campus. Mess with a modern kitchen and spacious dining halls are attached to the hostel. Many recreation facilities are also provided. To improve their general knowledge, newspapers and educative periodicals are provided in the reading room. The selection of newspapers and periodicals shall be done by the Boarders but approved by the Warden. A reading room / T.V. room is provided separately in each block. It will be operated during stipulated hours. Indoor/outdoor games are provided in the hostel at our best engineering college in Warangal. Warden & some Senior Faculty Members reside on campus. Medical help is available on campus 24/7 to the students.